philosophic inquiry into life and meaning

...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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Roulette WheelWhere do we turn?


The search is often one of frustration and despair. Frustration and anger at not getting what we want (or getting it and finding out it isn't really a permanent solution or what we really wanted) and despair at working, working, working....for what? God? Some mysterious grace to come down and save us from our weariness?


The fact that we're searching indicates that there is something to search for, perhaps by negation only. Meaning we may not know what it is we really want out of life, but we can certainly know what we do not want and avoid 'lesser rewards' in search of the 'higher.'


So where do we turn? Intuition is imperfect and messages may be misinterpreted in any case. Logic is of no use when the mind tries to go beyond its limits. We can hope and pray all day and our prayers are silence. Teachers can be useful in showing us where not to look but they cannot do the looking for us.


And then there is the mysterious direction of 'look within.' This naturally leads to the question 'Where is within?'


We are again directed from the many spiritual teachings to look at within as being, life, what/who you ARE, ISness, Awareness and many other words which we all presume to know their true esoteric meanings of, but have yet to really settle the matter for our self once and for all.


It really is like that picture of the stop sign with no turns, no place left to go but stop and listen. When the mind is quiet answers come. And they may come more readily if we admit our ignorance and that we just don't know. Don't know why we were born, what life is, or where we're going after death. We may have stories we tell ourselves about these things but if we stop and listen these things fail to satisfy us in a deeper sense; we are not 'settled in our souls'.


And taking another's word for something (or words written down) also does not settle us in any great measure (except perhaps some peace for a little while until life stirs us back up to misery).


So where do you turn?