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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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An old flyer for the Pyramid Zen Society and Visitor's or Enquirer's Sheet. The Pyramid Zen Society was an early group of dedicated seeker's who practiced Richard Rose's Albigen System. They are still around too. Explainations of the Albigen system, here and here.


Flyer below.





The Pyramid Zen Society is a brotherhood that aims toward enlightenment with definite,
definitive steps. 

It begins by joining a group and helping that group to function. 

The group employs a meditational technique and confrontation technique that will “get
the head on straight.” 

The society employs esoteric methods of transmission, and provides an ashram for
intensive sessions and retreat.



The purpose is to find the Truth. . . meaning self-definition, and the true relation of man
to his fellow man, and a true understanding of our life’s events. 

The system outlines a “Path” and shows the mechanics of the path in the Albigen Papers.

The system is one that searches esoterically. Some other systems are objective,
additive, mechanistic, and evolutionary; while this system is subjective, subtractive,
immanent, and designed for immediately changing and becoming.

This is not a system of faith. 

This is not a system that is utilitarian, promising wealth or health. 

This is not a socially or politically oriented group. 

This is not a systen that would pretend to bring about a “State of Being” by physical
or mechanical means, or even by mental visualization. 

The system does not attempt to prove itself by the vanity of logic, but is inductive, and
answers to common sense and the intuition.

This is a system that finds Truth by retreating from un-truth.

This is not a commercial venture ora money-oriented cult. It is meticulously non-profit. 

This system aims at self-definition and considers all knowledge incomplete until the
“KNOWER” or “EXPERIENCER” is known or identified. 

You can get more information on the group, the system, and meetings by calling locally:




CONFRONTATION: The visitor coming to our meeting for the first time may witness
the group in confrontation, and wonder about its function. Many, especially those
looking for phenomenal happenings, may think it is only some half-hearted method of

The purpose behind confrontation is to discover the real self, not to provide some sort
of therapy. Some therapy may be unavoidable, but it is not the prime purpose. The
whole core of our system revolves in confrontation
. Spiritual self-definition involves
the "going within", a process that is necessary because modern psychology is not
adequate in defining man, nor in finding for man a method of finding his essence
through mental introspection. This latter process belongs to ancient systems of
spiritual discipline. 

The great undertaking, FINDING THE ESSENCE OF MAN, which simultaneously
answers all man's questions when found. . . . must be started with a simple step. 

Each step should validate itself for us. . . . by giving us the conviction that we are more
aware of ourself with the taking of, or completion of the step. 

So confrontation is the first step. A practice of starting to look seriously inside. It
should not be looked upon as a battle with the monitor. The monitor is only trying to
help you do your own work. 

The enquirer must volunteer for confrontation. No one is forced. 

We say that the first step is ATTENDANCE. The fact that you are here means that
you are either idly curious, or drawn by some intuition. 

The second step is CONFRONTATION, and PARTICIPATION in some form. 

The third step is PARTICIPATION IN RAPPORT SESSIONS. There should be no ex-
planation of this step, beyond the information that we have a form of transmission
which is employed with the aid of individual rapport. 

So that the system that you see here is two-fold. It is a mental technique for approach-

ing a knowledge of essence, and an energy implementation for the DIRECT EXPERIENCE


We are trying to expedite your enquiry with this sheet, and at the same time avoid the
disruption of our meetings with explanations to everyone who comes in. 

So it is suggested that, in the event you wish more explanation, that you ask the monitor
after the formal meeting is concluded, to spend some time with you, or have one of
the older members of the group answer some of your questions. All monitors are more
than happy to do this, because It brings to both the monitor and the group the realiza-

tion that the intuition of the enquirer places him on the unique level of intelligent
spiritual searching. 

If you are from out of town and cannot attend, you can write to: