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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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Time and again I am show something over and over which takes on a fresh look, a new "something" which is clearly but patiently pointed out to me that was heretofore unrecognised or summarily dismissed as being unimportant.

It happens in quite distinct but surprising ways. Synchronicity is what it is called when, by some surprising but correlated coincidence, a number of similarly related ideas come to mind and are pointed out in perception to bring to light some previously dismissed notion or new idea. The idea may come in the form of numbers or words, people or places, dreams coinciding with reality or in any other number of ways in which the similarity between the two things and the repetition of which turns the attention towards that idea in a fresh way or in a way in which one can no longer ignore the idea's import.

We learn a new word we have never heard before and suddenly see it all over the place, even in places we have previously explored. A new concept pops up in the strangest places or over and over again so that we can not ignore the message, which it clearly shows itself to be, though the origin may be questionable, the fact that the idea appears is beyond the realm of coincidence.

Oneness or unity is my current synchronistic koan. What does separateness and unity mean? What are they? All one? Oneness? Singular? The thought is the abstraction of all of those questions but the message returns in material that I'm reading (even if purposely chosen at random from a random book which says something of the subconscious trying to sneak this message in under the radar right there).

The synchronistic idea is strangely appealing and holding interest on it is easy -- effortless even as it reoccurs and curiosity takes over to build momentum to reach the conclusion of the message sent, whatever that conclusion may be.