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The purpose of this blog is to give a more personal view into the struggles and thought forms going on in this seeker's life. Perhaps you can relate to the boredom generated by not doing anything for a while?


I'm on a media fast right now. That means no TV, books, reading, an so on. Usually what happens is the fast from the media will drive me a little crazy for a time as I feel a bit frustrated and bored. The key is to stick with it and it will turn into much needed time and space to give whatever would be drown out by the media, to come to surface and not hide from it.


Distractions. There is a part of me that seeks and a part that distracts. A part of pain and a part that cannot bear to look at the pain and hides in media. Even now on this media fast, mind needs to create it's own amusement or....something bad may happen! That's the belief anyhow.


Shawn Nevins (site) first introduced me to this concept of a media fast for a retreat about a year back (maybe farther can't remember). It's an awesome idea. Give up the distractions and get honest. It should have a set timeframe, say a week.


Good descriptions of it are found here:


Is what you see real? -- Art Ticknor

"...eliminate Internet surfing, TV, video games, magazines, newspapers, books, movies, music, etc. other than that strictly required for school or work, for a defined period (one week, for example)...."




DailyOM Unplugging The Noise -Taking A Media Break

"...A media fast involves not watching television, reading any newspapers or magazines, checking or sending any e-mails, or even talking on the phone..."


OK back to the fast...