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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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I've been busy working on the backend of this website, the design, and cleaning up the code. I'm still out there searching...for Truth...and for a job. Something to earn money that I don't feel would be unethical or "pushy." I'm thinking of leveraging my current talents and possibly branching out into other areas. In the meantime I wrote a poem:


Chance to Rest

Summer's warmth begins to ebb,
and days' hours shorten into lesser spans.
The Sun's rays cast a healing glow over the late evening sky,
That pure gem-like sky.

Look around you in this place,
What do you see?
Is there something amiss in this grandness?
The summer sun with it's searing rays tearing down it's victims?
Or is it the subjects upon which the light stays?
The animal kingdom, those little scurriers, might be to blame?
The people? the people who play their games?
Perhaps you might say, the mistake is the length of the day,
But that would miss the mark by a degree yet unfathomed.
You, the day, and I...and the animals too...
We last as long as need be,
All under one sky, one pure gem-like sky.

Rest a moment here with me;
Wanting nothing, Loving everything.
Give time a chance to rest;
To stop its hasty business.
That can wait for this.