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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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Cover of book The Web of Desinty shows Rosicrucian cross and other esoteric symbols.

The Web of Destiny by Max Heindel seems to be a small treasure, but it is a treasure that is wrapped in its own codewords and sealed within its own system which I have been unable to unlock. Still, there are some gems inside which do not require one to know everything about Rosicrucianism to decipher their meanings.


I picked out this book from the TAT library (upstairs in the community building) as it felt different from all the other books to me. It was "charged" if you can understand that...The edition I borrowed was a first edition and perhaps was one of Richard Rose's books in his search. Picking this book was an experiment in intuitional book choosing as there are millions of books (among other things) to read and only so much time so we must limit what we read and choose wisely.


Rosicrucianism is basically a type of Christian Mysticism with a belief in reincarnation (that the soul does not regress but continues to attain higher and higher states of consciousness until it attains perfection). This book makes mention of another -- The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception -- which is a more complete outline of their beliefs and philosophy. If I had read that first this book would make more sense. Lots of terms are undefined: ether, prismatic atoms, Region of Concrete Thought...but with all that aside (and without the basis of Cosmo Conception) the book does make some good points and generally appeals to my reason and intuition.


The "Web" is the unseen side of life, which is supposed reality -- though we do not see it -- and makes up the results of karma. The book goes into detail about the different elements of the person: the physical body, vital body, desire body (similar to Eckhart Tolle's pain body?), soul body, etc. How actions affect different parts of these 'bodies' is explained. War has a negative effect and may cause the lower bodies or lower non-spiritual parts of a person to hang around after death and cause further strife to those still living.


Much in the book is unprovable however much appeals to common sense as this quote from the chapter on the cause of disease shows:


But we know that even today only a very small percentage are ready to live as near the truth as they see it, to confess it and profess it before men by service and by righteous and harmless living. We can also understand that such must have been few and far between in the by-gone ages, when man had not evolved the altruism that came to this planet with the advent of our Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus. The standards of morality were much lower then, and the love of truth almost negligible in the greater part of humanity, who were engrossed in their endeavors to accumulate as much wealth or gain as much power or prestige for themselves as possible. They were therefore naturally inclined to disregard the interests of others, and to tell a lie seemed in no way reprehensible and sometimes even appeared meritorious. The archetypes were consequently full of weaknesses, and the organic functions of the body today are interfered with to a serious degree as a result, particularly as the western bodies are becoming more high strung and more sensitive to pain on account of the spirit's growing consciousness.


The book advises ora and labora, work and pray. Let the higher desires grow and the lower ones fall away. Celibacy is advised and this conservation of the spiritual creative force will allow for manifestation to occur...and success to be achieved for the purpose of generation, degeneration, or regeneration (it's our choice how we wish to use this). A great caution is that each action, or lack of action as it may be, is important and defines our futures and who we are or will become.


According to this book, our emotions as well as actions also shape our destiny. Examples of one who is over-remorseful would be unnecessarily causing harm to themselves where one who is regretful (or has just the right amount of remorse) would be wise as it can burn away old toxins in the 'seed atom' (like a soul, I think) and purify one's being for future spiritual advancement and good health.


Alchemy, Astrology, and a few other occult backgrounds may help one interpret this book. The Rosicrucian website as well has some information about their philosophy/religion. All in all, a bit random but a good read with some very good parts.


The book is available free of charge online:


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