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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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Teachers are a valuable resource to any seeker should you happen to find one (or more than one). Some may become your friend, others you enemy. But they may change you by providing the means to see for yourself what's going on.


You should have a means of evaluating teachers, some yardsticks. I would suggest you stay away from teachers who 1) use money, fame, sex, power, or other means to further their agenda. 2) Stay away from those who you do not personally feel have reached the final goal (you must be your own authority and not submit blindly to some 'master'). 3) Those who have no clear goal, cannot explain a path or direction towards a goal, or choose to remain in silence, secrecy or say there is nothing to do because you're already enlightened.


Even if that were possible, you still have a problem, a searching, yearning within that must resolve itself by seeking. Don't give up too quickly. A real teacher will show you a final answer is possible at the same time they provoke you or smash your wrongly-held beliefs. Your own persistence and honesty should be the key so it follows the teacher should at least show these traits as well with regard to their path.


See these guidelines about evaluating teachers: written by Shawn Nevins. written by Brad Warner. written by Andrew Paterson.


Erik Knud-HansenI first met Erik at a talk he gave a few years back at Evergreen Cove, a local spiritual holistic/healing community. He was recommended to me by a friend who said he was "quite good." The topic of his talk on the "Dharma of Non-duality" and meditation and inquiry were interesting to me.


I wanted to see what "quite good" was as I know we each have our own judgments about people and things that do not always agree. I was expecting less but pleasantly surprised when I met him.