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...if truth were not for man the desire for truth would not be as a burning unrest in his heart...

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Older Updates


This area is for updates that have been made that do not fit on the front page. You may also subscribe to the rss feed for updates of Articles, Inspirations, Teacher reviews, and Blog posts.


8/19/2010: Article: Defining Definition and Self-Definition

7/18/2010: Inspiration: Nobody Knows It But Me and added many new links in the Resources and Links section.

6/15/2010: Article: Where Do We Turn?

5/17/2010: Article: Chance favors the prepared mind.

3/16/2010: Video: Bart Marshall reads verses of the Faith Mind Sutra from his book The Perennial Way.

2/28/2010: Comic: Philosopher's Job Interview.

2/25/2010: Check out the upcoming TAT Weekend Intensive April 17th-18th 2010.

10/17/2009: Added Comic! Enlightened Answer.

10/16/2009: Added 11 Strategies for Waking Up and Other Notes from the Self Inquiry Group Oct 2009 Enlightenment and Grace: Removing Resistance to Destiny Spiritual Intensive.

9/16/2009: Added ability for you, (yes you!), to submit articles, links, etc too! See the Guide to Submitting Articles to this Site.

9/03/2009: Added book review: The Web of Destiny by Max Heindel.

8/24/2009: Added two old group posters. You Are A Robot and The Four Horsemen. Added two movie reviews: Terminator: Salvation and Grizzly Man.

7/27/2009: Added Looking back at a recent retreat, notes and reflections from the June retreat as well as an essay What have you learned about yourself so far on the spiritual path?

7/25/2009: Watched Into Great Silence (2005) and wrote a review posted under Inspirations. Also posted TAT June 2007 Meeting Notes and Quotes under Articles.

7/21/2009: Added some guidelines for evaluating teachers on the Teachers page.

7/18/2009: Added Book review of Beyond Mind, Beyond Death under Inspirations.

7/17/2009: Added review of Erik Knud-Hansen under Teachers.

7/15/2009: Added Spiritual Actions under Articles. Here is what participants in a recent retreat agreed upon concerning actions of a spiritual nature. Also added Assisted self-introspection: 1 on 1 Confrontation, a huge list of koans under Articles.

7/7/2009: Added Inspiration, Touching the Void (2003). Updated 7/15/2009.

6/4/2009: Added Blog.

6/3/2009: Added Notes from Erik Knud-Hansens talk Dharma of Non-Duality at Evergreen Cove 10/17-10/18/2008, TAT June 2008 and April 2008 Notes and Quotes, Working with others and alone on the path and Pyramid Zen Society Flyer under Articles.

6/1/2009: Added Notes and Quotes from the April 2009 TAT Intensive under Articles, lots of good advice there for the serious spirtual seeker.

4/23/2009: Site goes live, movie review The Thirteenth Floor posted under Inspirations.